Built in 1940, the brick building you see today was once the corporate office and headquarters for the Rohrerstown-based Miller & Bushong feed mill. For nearly 40 years the company supplied the area with quality feed for livestock, until eventually, merged with the Pennfield Corporation in 1971. Pennfield Corporation continued as a leading supplier of animal nutrition and services until Cargill purchased the Pennfield after filing for chapter 11 bankruptcy.

After a decade of sitting vacant, the building was reinvented as a retail store specializing in antique, vintage and primitive furniture and home décor. The building itself reminds us all of a simpler time, as well as the majority of its contents.

Now, owners Christina and Jim Saurbaugh, along with 10 vendors—including local artisains specializing in fine art and upholstery—have filled 4,000 square feet and two floors at the Olde Brick House Shoppes with antique, vintage and primitive furniture and home décor appealing to many different tastes and budgets.

Chris and Jim are life-long Lancaster natives with a passion for finding, saving and re-homing lost and forgotten antiques and vintage treasures. Christina and Jim both appreciate the beauty of old things and love to find new homes for them to be enjoyed for decades to come.



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