Why Vintage Shops are a Gold Mine for Wall Decor

Empty walls in a home are like Marilyn Monroe without her beauty mark. While some of you out there come from large families and have enough snapshots to cover both sides of the Great Wall of China, others need a little help adorning their walls.

Before you venture out to one of the big box stores, consider this. Locally-owned vintage shops usually have lots of options to choose from. Framed or unframed, finding a vintage art print or some sort of advertising is almost a guarantee. Sometimes you can find them very inexpensive. If you are lucky enough to find a print already in a vintage frame—consider that a win! If not, there are several places you can get a nice frame made to accent any room.

When you are searching for artwork in your favorite vintage shop, pay close attention. You just may find a hidden gem. Look for high quality prints with fine details. If you see brush strokes in paint on canvas, you probably have an original piece of art. Victorian lithographs and advertising can be stunning and colorful. Antique patent drawings or diagrams can compliment a space with an industrial motif. The possibilities are virtually endless. With the right frame—a vintage cereal box could become just as attractive as a Monet. Search what interests you. It could be botanical prints, birds and wildlife, industrial, automotive or advertising. Maybe even an old map of your hometown, framed in classic black in an office or family room. The fun is in the search.

If you find something you love, grab it… frame it… hang it… enjoy it!  Your new unique artwork is sure to command attention and spark lots of conversation. So it might be a good idea to just look up what you found on the internet, and amaze your guests with your knowledge and your keen eye for art. Who knows… you just might discover you found a valuable piece of history.

Happy hunting!

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