Decorating Tips with Vintage Finds

So you have just painted the living room, bought a new sofa and placed the flat screen TV front and center in the room. It is comfortable, relaxing and the perfect place to kick off your shoes and watch your favorite movie. But there is something missing. Ah yes… personality!

The TV doesn’t tell a guest anything about you—unless they look up your recordings on the DVR—the sofa is just a place to park yourself, and doesn’t tell a story. More importantly, it doesn’t tell your story.

So what to do? Well, let’s start with mirrors and art and lighting—oh my! Would you enjoy reading a good book on that new sofa? Place a vintage floor lamp or stained glass table lamp on a small side table next to the sofa. Now you have color, style and yes—light!

Now the walls are a bit bare and the room feels a little small. Hang a nice sized antique mirror with a gilded frame and the room instantly feels larger, the wall has a focal point, and what do you know—there is a good looking person smiling back at you when you look into it.

Enjoy gardening? Add a grouping of vintage botanical prints and a few strategically placed milk glass bud vases for fresh flowers to add a little life.

Do you need a little extra storage? Almost all of us do. Why not find an early blanket chest or hope chest and use it as a coffee table. Not only do you have a place for your drink (yes, use a coaster), but there is a place that you can store—you guessed it—blankets! You’ll know just where to find one when you want to cozy up on that new sofa.

Do you have any hobbies? Maybe you like photography, Antique and vintage cameras are always popular decorator items and don’t take up a lot of room. Maybe you are attracted to colored glass. Collect what you love and proudly display on a window sill and enjoy a spectrum of happiness beaming through the windows.

Don’t be afraid to mix the old with the new. Have you noticed that stores are carrying “vintage inspired” home decor for quite some time now? Fueled by popular TV shows and decorating trends, that is no coincidence. But you don’t need to be on a TV show or have an extravagant budget to get the same look. Stop by the Olde Brick House Shoppes and we can help you find your room’s personality.

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